For nearly 40 years English Springer Spaniels have taken up the better part of my life. Having campaigned numerous Spaniels in the highly competitive sport of Field Trials, both in Canada and the U.S.A. I have gained great respect for these awesome little dogs. Although Field Trials can be extremely challenging and rewarding and those blue ribbons look good on the wall, nothing is more exciting than working a well trained Spaniel in actual hunting conditions.
I, Gerry Babin and my wife Sherry, would like to share some of our history, and also a bit of the future with you.
GROUSEVALLEY puppies don't just happen. Factors such as temperament, intelligence and trainability  tip the scales when deciding on a litter. 
We breed our dogs only on an occasional basis, but are serious about our breeding program and invite you to contact us or check our puppy page for our next available litter.

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of our dogs past and present