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Meet Arrow

Born November 8th 2022

We call him Arrow because of the distinctive white arrow marking on the back of his neck.
Arrow is an inquisitive yet attentive puppy and comes when called.
When something catches his attention he will thoroughly investigate but when he notices that I'm not nearby,
he searches for me and comes straight to me when called or when he sees me.
Arrow is not independent and is happy to be around people.
We started some very basic retrieving and Arrow is showing excellent prey drive and carries the dummy like a pro.
This puppy will definately steal your heart so beware!
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Arrow (the darker one) and Chester doing puppy stuff.

It was off to the vets the other day Feb 2 to get Arrow's Vaccination Booster shots.
Click here to see his Vaccination status and Health Cirtificate.

At 13 weeks Arrow is now delivering to hand.
But as with all puppy training, repitition is the key.

While both Missi and Howie are members of our household and are calm and relaxed in the house,
the switch is flipped into hunting mode when stepping onto the trail or into the field.


Below are some messages we received from families who purchased some of Missi's puppies.
From Anchorage Alaska

From Lively Ontario


From North Bay Ontario

From North Bay Ontario


From Moncton New Brunswick


From St.Joachim Ontario

The staff at Walden Aninal Hospital are alway excited when we visit.
Thank You for your great service.

If you are planing to spay or neuter your puppy please read this very informative article.


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