Setting Up For Success

Spaniel Training Manual

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I’m very pleased to present my training manual, Setting Up For Success. This training manual started out back in 1984 as a one page guide for new puppy owners who purchased a puppy from our kennel Grousevalley Springers, where I wanted them to get their puppy started on the right track. One page grew to two then three etc. After writing a few articles for The Spaniel Journal I thought I was ready to write a complete training manual. I wanted to make a unique document that combine video and text where the reader could actually see how things can go wrong and how to make the proper corrections and avoid problems before they start to become bad habits.

  • Get your pup started early (retrieving at 10-11 weeks old)
  • Introduce your pup to birds the right way and at the correct timing
  • Avoid gun shyness with proper introduction to the gun
  • Learn how to plant live pigeons, chukar partridge and pheasants (video demonstrations)
  • Learn how to keep your pup in gun range (It’s all about control)
  • Steady your dog to flush and shot the sensible way with no pressure
  • Know how your dog uses the wind so you can let him do his job
  • Get an understanding of field trials
  • Judging score sheets are broken down and I explain what a judge is looking for and how to train to that end.
  • Best of all…you get to spend quality time with your dog doing things that he was bred to do

Setting Up For Success is a 50 page .pdf download file and will work on all platforms.

 Setting Up For Success is not just for Spaniels.
Any type of flushing dog will benefit from this training manual.
Each of the 12 chapters are laid out sequentially and by not putting the cart before the horse, your pup will have an understanding of what is required of him as you move forward.

Gary Riddle

“Any beginner considering training a Spaniel for hunting or competition field trials should read, study and apply this book.”…more

Marty Knibbs

“There is nothing I have read or seen out there like this. Great job!”…more

Jeff Miller

“I could have used this book 40 years ago!”…more

Bill Cosgrove

“I have pretty much seen and read everything out there and I would put this product right at the top of your list of required reading.”…more

Bill McCaffrey

“This is a great instructional video book for someone starting out and looking for a reference guide.”…more

Wayne Brennen

“Don’t hesitate to get this manual if you are training your Springer or any Spaniel for that matter. It’s worth the money and worth the read, even if you have been training for a long time. Get a new perspective. “…more

Setting Up For Success is a 50 page .pdf download file and will work on all platforms.

About the Author

Gerry purchased his first English Springer Spaniel in 1982 as a family pet and hunting dog. He soon joined a local Spaniel club and quickly realized the value of a trained hunting dog. His involvement in Spaniel Field Trials has brought him to the forefront of Spaniel activities in Canada. As a member of the Canadian Kennel Club he sat on the Spaniel Council for over 20 years where Spaniel Field Trial Rules and Regulations are developed and applied as well Gerry is an accredited Spaniel Field Trial Judge. Belonging to the Sudbury and District Kennel Club he sat on the board of directors and was the clubs webmaster for over 20 years. He has held positions of Field Trial Chairman and Field Trial Secretary thus sharing the duties and having direct control over events. Gerry has always promoted the English Springer Spaniel as the ULTIMATE HUNTING DOG and if he is not in the field training his Spaniels, you’ll find him and his Spaniels out in the woods of Northern Ontario hunting Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock hunting. His commitment to the breed has resulted in the formation of Grousevalley Springers where he breeds the occasional litter of quality English Springer Spaniels one of which has sired the 2011 National Champion. Feeling that new puppy owners know very little about the proper training of a hunting Spaniel he handed out training tips and encouraged new owners to join the club. In order for these new owners to get the most enjoyment from their Spaniels he decided to put together a training manual “Setting Up For Success” in which he takes you step by step from the sock chewing puppy to a wonderful controlable hunting companion. The final chapter will bring you into the workings of a Spaniel Field Trial and prepare you for this great sport if you should so desire to pursue such an endeavour. Gerry has championed numerous Field Trial Champions 6 of which were his own family pets and hunting partners. As well, he has trained and handled CFC Springville Imperial Sweeper along with Marty Knibbs to become the 2001 # 1 Canadian High-Point Spaniel, CFC Springville Jake 1988 #2 Canadian High-Point Spaniel and CFC Grousevalley Trucker (Tucker) 2013 Ontario High-Point Spaniel.