Gary Riddle

A pro trainer from Mendon Utah, Gary owns and operates Rockey's Kennels. He began trialing English Springer Spaniels nearly 30 years ago and during this time he has had and seen many exceptional dogs that he hunted, trained, and competed with. He has worked with various breeds of dogs in their training starting out with the basics of retrieving, bench work, force fetching and bird work. Having trained and handled numerous Field Trial Champions Gary was at the panicle of success in 2019, winning the Canadian National Spaniel Field Trial Championship.

Hello Gerry

I am sorry I'm slow getting back to you on your book. I have been swamped but now I'm on a road trip through California running dogs.
While on the trip I've been able to read your book a couple of times.
What a great read and very beneficial!
Any beginner considering training a Spaniel for hunting or competition field trials should read, study and apply this book.
-Set up for success
-Eliminate distractions
-Proactively prepare your companion for as much as possible
A simple approach to complex issues at a field trial. Great and enjoyable read and preparation.
Thank You for the opportunity to take a look at it.