Bill Cosgrove

Owner of Ivanhoe Kennels Bill is a nationally renowned trainer and handler of English Springer Spaniels, with more than 20 years of experience. Bill has been awarded more than 100 ribbons and prizes, including national awards and championships in AKC Performance Events.


"This is a very well done, easy to follow, step - by - step of developing a pup all way up to field trials.
Of course hunters and hunt test enthusiasts will benefit greatly from Mr. Babin's careful instructions and video demonstrations."
"The sequential approach is the right one, and Mr. Babin gives tips on how to avoid problems and confusion in your dog; as he takes you through the progressions."
"I have pretty much seen and read everything out there and I would put this product right at the top of your list of required reading."
"His videos are really well done. A great tool for newbie's and puppy owner's starting out. It is like a training manual with illustrations that - when you click them; become short video clips."
"Another thing is he gets into trialing - which is a subject that a lot of other books and video talk down."